Herbal Medicine


IV Drips
IV Pushes
Booster Shots

Refresh $99.00

500mL Amino and B12

Recovery & Performance $299.00

Vit C, Vita Complex, Amino Acids, B12 and Minerals

Get-UP-AND-GO $179.00

Vita Complex, Amino Acids and B12

Beauty and Immunity $229.00

Vit C, Vita Complex and Glutathione

Quench $229.00

Vit C, Vita Complex and Mineral Blend

Meyers Cocktail $179.00

Detox, Relieve, Renew & Restore

  • Anti-nausea (Zofran)

  • Anti-heartburn (Pepcid)

  • Anti-inflammatory (pain/headache) (Toradol)

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