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Dr. Joseph Cerni

Once reserved for the rich and famous, Aesthetic Medicine has become more popular than ever. Dr. Cerni has helped with this movement by providing affordable pricing with the highest skill available. Whether you want to reshape your nose, enhance your cheekbone, contour your body or make yourself look more rested and youthful, the wide array of cosmetic procedures available at Dr. Cerni’s office can help you achieve the new appearance you desire. Dr. Cerni prides himself on performing the most contemporary and advanced techniques available in the world in order to help you achieve youthful, natural and beautiful results from Aesthetic Medicine. He enjoys working closely with each and every patient in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that is dedicated to helping achieve a beautiful and natural result without surgery.
Most recently Dr. Cerni serves as medical director of four private practices including his own, where he specializes in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine.
Dr. Cerni is actively involved in scientific research in Aesthetic Medicine, and has been published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals. In June of 2015 his offices reached Black Diamond status with Allergan the makers of Botox. He is currently one of the Top 5 physicians in the nation for Allergan. He has expanded his practice to not only facial rejuvenation but now has a beautiful 3000 square foot facility dedicated to full body health and wellness. From Injectables, body contouring to IV Therapies, Dr. Cerni is a Master in his profession.   



Lisa Hollis R.N.

Her career in aesthetics began by training with a well-known cosmetic doctor. Working side-by-side with a medical expert, she learned how to perform and achieve outstanding results with the latest techniques. Shortly thereafter, Lisa embarked upon the next phase of her career. She took her experience and partnered with a leading plastic surgeon's office. Here she perfected her skills and expanded her knowledge of combination therapy. Lisa is gifted with a superior eye for detail when it comes to customizing the perfect combination of treatments to achieve her client's goals.
In order to stay on the cutting edge in the ever-changing fields of aesthetics, she attends continuing education courses focusing on the most advanced and beneficial treatments. Her ability to reach one's individual goals is widely acknowledged and praised by both her colleagues and her clients.
Passionate about the healing arts, Lisa considers connecting with people the most enjoyable part of her job. Her passion for people, along with her meticulous work ethic are easily noticed upon meeting with her.
Lisa would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your individual goals.

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